Link appeared in Epic Rap Battles of Four4 2 and battled Finn and Jake . He would be played by Alex Farnham. Link also appeared in Epic Rap Battles Of Ultimate.
Link =)

Who the rapper is based on


Verse 1:Edit

Showin' off Nintendo since 1986,

You get your sick kicks from Jake the Dog's licks.

Your silly bunny hat and your ugly doggy daddy

Make you seem gay, you can't kill baddies!

Your biggest fear is the ocean, that's a crying shame.

Its good your parents died- they'd be upset to hear your name.

I'm from Hyrule, a place of magic and wonder

Shitting your diaper as a baby, that's a real blunder!

I hang tight with Zelda in my special castle bed.

You wouldn't even let poor Ice King get wed.

Verse 2:Edit

Your raps make the Unholy Triforce seem good.

You do everything that no true hero should!

I'll kick your little ass and send you back to Boom Boom Mountain.

You couldn't even beat a deer; got pwn3d in a fountain.

Epic rap battles of ultimate: Edit

Hold up there sonic, you didn't mess with the sensation!

I'm a slashing, fightin', adventurer! across the nations!

You better run away! to the last day!

I'm gonna hack ya, like mariomades!

Your doomed to an eternity, theres no way to face me!

I'm killin' ya! your dead, so you all scream "EEEEEE"

Time to slash, bash, crash, and do everything out of mind!

I'm seeking your doom, in this room, your gonna die!

This is your last day!

Slashing until your own delay!

I'm done with this battle, you both were finished easily!

Hey Mario, you are an idiot, just like Luigi!


  • Link is the first video game rapper in the series
    • He is also the first Nintendo character