Epic rap battles of ultimate!

The Game changer, Jigsaw... VERSUS!


Robert Edit

C'mon jigsaw, try me fight me again!

Beware of the Robert, or you'll be dead in the devils den!

Last time i'll hear from you.. there is nothing you can do!

Try and fight me, but your already dead!

No way to beat me, time to leave you beheaded!

Time to do science against this prick, rhymes slicker than slick..

You wanna win? you have been tricked! It's the end of your games, the time has ticked!

LAST CHANCE! try and fight me or you'll be cursed forever!

Leave an apology.. NOW! The answer to your winning is never!

Jigsaw Edit

Hello, Robert.. i would like to play a game!

Step up to me again, and i will have you maimed!

Nice try, you'll die! Once you step up to me!

Time to beat this prick down, surely he will make a scream!

Okay, Robert, you won't escape from my maze!

Once i'm done with my games, it will lead you into a haze!

Cut open your body, Jigsawing until your gone!

This little doll, i'll have to keep my eye on..

Robert Edit

Your doomed to an eternity!

Unless you lead an apology!

I'm sick of your games, i'm killing your fame!

All of your raps were all just the same!

Its time to end this, without a scream!

Your owners dead, your in just a dream!

Jigsaw Edit

This mind against the other, your dead in a second!

This is the final test, i hope you'll learn your lesson!

Your always were worthless, like the apologies they mailed.

I'm sorry, times up! Game over. you failed!




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